7:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast

Plenary Session

8:00 Introduction to Workshop

Markku Nousiainen

8:05 The Competence By Design Initiative of the Royal College: Challenges Faced, Solutions Provided

Kenneth Harris

8:35 Use of a Large Scale National Database to Enhance Residency Training at the Program Level

Stanley Hamstra

9:05 Interactive Q&A

Plenary Session

9:20 Curricular Reform: The Genesis of the Competency-Based Curriculum at the University of Toronto

William Kraemer & Benjamin Alman

9:50 How to Develop Program-Wide and Module-Specific Curriculum Maps and Evaluation Tools in your Training Program (for all Core Competencies / CanMEDS roles)

Markku Nousiainen

10:15 Interactive Q&A
10:30 Refreshment Break

Topic-Specific Breakout Sessions

10:45 Breakout Room 1:

  • Faculty Development at the Program and Systems Levels

    Paolo Campisi

Breakout Room 2:

  • Mapping Assessment Processes to Milestones: A Validity Evidence Framework

    Stanley Hamstra

Breakout Room 3:

  • Improving the Quality of Feedback

    Susan Glover-Takahashi

12:00 Lunch (provided)

Plenary Session

1:00 The Unintended Consequences of Implementing a Competency-Based Training Program at Your University

Viren Naik

1:30 The Financial Costs of a Competency-Based Residency Training Program

Markku Nousiainen, Viren Naik, & Susan Glover-Takahashi

2:00 Interactive Q&A

Plenary Session

2:15 Simulation and its Role in Assessing Competence

Walter Tavares

2:45 How to Develop a Technical Skills Boot Camp Module in Your Training Program

Oleg Safir

3:15 Interactive Q&A
3:30 Technical Skills Boot Camp Demonstrations

Oleg Safir & Lisa Satterthwaite

  • Tour of the Centre
  • Four stations (Orthopaedics, General Surgery, ENT)
17:00 Adjourn